Faded Friendship

Today, I am confused. There are infinte thoughts colliding within my mind.There’s a commotion all through my body.No, it has nothing to do with love……or wait …….. it’s certainly out of love ,love for the person whose place in one’s life cannot be simply defined so we sum it up in two words “BEST FRIEND”. Yes, I am worried for my best friend , I am so worried for her. Worried because I feel she’s in a swamp which she’s unaware of. She feels that it is the time of the pleasant beautiful weather but am I the only one who knows that there’s a tornado waiting behind to consume her up. She feels he’s a magician , I don’t deny to this…..he surely is but the only difference is his magic is the BLACK one ,the magic which has blurred her vision or shall I say a vision of the world that doesn’t exists. While she can see his smiling face, I can see that wicked heart.I can see that he’s taking her into a tunnel with the promises that there will be a brighter outside but yes , I know that there’s darkness just darkness. My every explanation seems to blurr out before his words , My words seems to be lost among his what shall I do ? Shall I just not care anymore , shall I leave because my duties ended when I warned her? I simply can’t.Any further step would turn out to be a pinch in her heart or sorely shake our roots of our bond.Which one shall I choose ? A temporary sore pain or a permanent suffering.Maybe the former one.Damn….. I call her my best friend ,and the words themselves are just as precious as the person.If she’s been that precious gem of my life, she’ll understand me…my care and my reasons to worry for her…..not today but someday she surely will.Until then let’s hope that someday doesn’t turns out to be a late one.❤️ // – Kavya


You ,you are not a person ….because you are magic.You were always there with me.When I had one reason to weep ,you gave me thousand reasons to giggle. All those nights under the sky when I gazed at stars for they being too mesmerising you did the same with me.The smell of your loving presence vanishes all the unwanted fears and tremors.The sound of your heartbeat seems to be the only sound I want to creep through my ears and mingle right with mine.Your touch never failed to be the most soothing sensation in the world .And the time when my fingers entangled with yours for our souls to dance on the music of our hearts , my heart skipped a beat …I found myself in a parallel universe where only you and I existed , flaunting our flaws we created our own world. The dance which we wished would last as long as the blood ran in our veins and the union of our souls lasting till day when the stars ain’t beautiful anymore , when moon shows up during , when ‘I love you’s” stop bringing smiles to maidens and till when , when every I love you had a meaning.You, you are magic.



Dont struggle to be a star in someone’s life,

Instead create your own nightsky lit up with stars.

Dont hide yourself behind those heavy layers of makeup,

Darling you should adorn yourself with your scars.

You may not be his favourite colour,


He was not the destined end of your journey,

He was just a hurdle to let go.

Dont say its a bad life,

Just because those days were bad days,

Someday,someone would enter your life,

And you ll realise, when everything fades love stays

One day you’ll find someone,

Who’ll heal all your bleeding wounds,

Then the sky won’t just be the limit to fly,

And your feet won’t stay on the ground.

But till then dont let the darkness engulf,

Be the hero of your strife,

Overlook all the reasons to weep over,

Darling ,embrace the sunshine of life.